Earlier this week we introduced you to the Mitchell family from Whitesville.  They lost their home on Thanksgiving night to fire.  The Whitesville Fire Department stepped up to helped them out and you can too.

We spoke to Jessy Nash a Fireman with the Whitesville Fire Department who told us they wanted to help their brother and fellow fireman, Nathan, and his family.  They started out planning to cook 200 chickens for the event they have now sold 310 and plan on cooking over 500 chickens for this fundraiser.

They will be cooking chickens for them on December 12th. They will be ready for pick-up at Whitesville Fire Department at 10:00 am. In order to be guaranteed a chicken, you can pre-order, just talk to any member of Whitesville Fire Department.  You can also contact Jessy Nash at 270-993-6734 or Jordan Kreisle at 270-315-9233. Chickens will be $10.00 each and they will be accepting donations.

The family is so very grateful for all the help they have received.  I had the opportunity to speak with Nathan over Facebook last weekend and asked if they need anything he told me; home supplies, kitchenware, bedding for queen and twin beds.  They do have a Facebook page for a fundraiser to help them save for a new home.

Angel here and when I spoke with Jessy Hall last week I could hear the love and care in his voice for his friend and co-worker.  He spoke of wanting to do whatever he could to help this family out.  The world needs more people like those of the Whitesville and the Whitesville Fire Department.

This is a message from the Whitesville Fire Department:

"We are all just trying to be Jesus' hands and feet here on earth. More him less us."

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