Angel here!  This weekend we went to the cabin and I discovered that I might actually speak the language of cows...I'll let you be the judge.

An animal whisperer is a person that is very in tune with animal behaviors or issues.  I'm not necessarily sure I am all of that but I feel like the cows were one with me this weekend.

On the gravel road leading to the cabin in Ohio County, there is a farm that has about 30 head of cattle.  For as long as I can remember I have loved cows.

Growing up my grandparents had a farm in Oak Grove, Kentucky, where they had tons of cows, and my favorite thing to do was hop in the back of Uncle George's truck and head out to the field to see them.  I was never able to get very close to them in the field because of the bull.  He wasn't very nice.  Every once in a while I would get to pet one in the barn and I loved it so much.

My friend, Jamie, and her husband, John, live in Philpot and out near their house, there is a farm with cows.  I visited one-time several years ago and named the cows I met after The Golden Girls.

On my way to town from the cabin to grab more gas for the four-wheelers, I was alone and noticed the herd was super close in the field.  I decided to stop my truck and get out and see if they would let me touch them.  The best part about it is I didn't even have food.


I did learn their behavior could obviously have meant they were unsure of me.  I am a new face.  I have a high screechy voice when talking to animals.  I mean I'm unsure of myself at times.  However, I love cows so much.  They are adorable and just once I wish one would let me cuddle it.  I tried explaining I don't eat beef.  I don't think they got it.

Kentucky Gal Thinks She's A Cow Whisper

Angel loves cows and while at the cabin this past weekend decided to see if she could talk their talk.

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