Dee Wright is one very loved nurse from Fast Pace Health Urgent Care in Central City. She had many nominations from those that appreciate her care. It's our pleasure to honor her during National Nurses Week. She helps her patients improve their health. #HERO

Dee Wright
Dee Wright

This week we are honoring the best and brightest nurses in the tri-state, based on your nominations. Shouldn't we all thank a nurse that impacts our community every single day and in the most important way? Here at WBKR, we say yes. Yes we should! We've teamed up with Madisonville Garage Doors to do just that.


Dee Wright was nominated multiple times because of her amazing dedication to patient care. We are honored to recognize this hard working nurse.

"Dee Wright is my mom, and she is a nurse practitioner! She has been a nurse for almost TWENTY YEARS & has recently graduated with her APRN-- she has done it all-- trauma, ER, family care, ICU, Peds, travel, dialysis.. the list goes on. Since I was little, I have personally witnessed her go above and beyond for each and every one of her patients. Several "special" patients still keep in contact with her, from several states where she has been a nurse. People that I know have talked with me over the years about how my mom has taken care of them in some of their worst moments, and they ALWAYS say how wonderful she is. Her lifelong impact on her patients is truly remarkable."

"This woman right here is Dee Wright. She is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met in my life. For as long as I can remember she has dedicated her life to helping others. It didn’t matter if she was on the clock or not, if someone was in trouble, she was there to help. I remember there was this time, we were in Nashville walking down Broadway, and we were talking about what I wanted to do after I got out of school, and just walking into the shops and enjoying our day, when next thing we know, there was a construction worker who had fallen off his ladder and broke his leg very severely! It was a terrible sight, part of his bone was exposed, and without hesitation she runs up and starts helping him! She has been through a lot in life and through it all still helps people! She is one of my biggest hero’s, and a very great role model! And if anyone deserves a dedication it is her."

Someone else went on to say, "She’s devoted to saving lives! She care dearly for her patients and goes above and beyond for them!"

"Dee has always been a selfless person willing to work hard and put the care of others as top priority. She is a kind hearted Nurse Practitioner."

"Dee is a hard working dedicated Nurse who has never turned down a challenge."

Honoring Hardworking Nurses in the Tri-state - Nominations

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