I don't fish. I say that not because I hate it. It is very relaxing. But the very few times I've done it, I have been wildly unsuccessful...usually thanks to great big aggressive turtles.

But hey, free fishing is free fishing and that's why I'm here.

Most states offer free fishing days and, in many cases, free fishing weekends.

Kentucky's free fishing weekend is happening on the weekend of June 1st and June 2nd.

In Indiana, it's the same weekend but also May 18th.

(By the way, in Hawaii, it's 365 days a year, but they have the OCEAN. Had to throw that in.)

And while we all want to enjoy our fishing trips, we need to make sure we adhere to the new Kentucky fishing regulations for 2019, which you can find here.

In fact, one of the regulations on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife's website specifically regards Carpenter Lake in Daviess County. The restriction on using shad for bait has been removed.

Happy fishing!

(Although on a day like today, I'd imagine many of you are way ahead of me.)


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