A Kentucky man accidentally shrinks his wife's favorite sweater in the dryer and the result is absolutely hilarious.  Now it fits their seven-year-old daughter LOL.


Hey Y'all, Angel here.  Before all the haters come out of the woodwork shouting "at least he does laundry" let me start by saying I appreciate my husband more than life itself.  He is incredible in all things.  He helps around the house, he is a phenomenal dad, he is super patient, and he's a great cook.  Sounds pretty close to perfect huh?!


On the other hand, he is as stubborn as a mule, and sometimes he doesn't listen.  I have reminded him a few times that I have sweaters that cannot be put in the dryer.  We all know what happens.  They freaking get smaller.  Yes, I'm yelling.

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At least I didn't do this to my husband.  And he really did shrink mine.


My husband has been doing our laundry since we've been together for over 9 years.  He loves doing it.  He goes down in our basement and it's his time.  I will do laundry on occasion but he likes it and I'm not complaining one bit (until he ruins my clothes).  Ok so I am complaining but only because it was my favorite sweater, people.

I don't often put sweaters in the laundry in his defense.  Most of my nicer items I only wear for a short period of time and then I air out and hang back in the closet.  My beautiful hot pink merino wool JCrew sweater that I have had for a few years was amazing.  It isn't a bulky sweater and it could be dressed up or down.  It fits in all the right places it was a unicorn sweater basically.

See I compliment my husband quite often.  He is EVERYTHING.  However, this sweater used to be everything too.  Look how nicely it goes with those earrings.  I know you're probably thinking "get to the dang story" so here goes.  I was putting up laundry a few weeks ago.  He washes and I put it away.  I had a pile of our daughter, Charlotte's laundry and I was hanging it in her closet.  I got to a pink sweater and thought to myself "she doesn't have a pink sweater, where did this come from?"  I went to check the tag and lo and behold it said "JCREW!!!!  I almost threw up (ok maybe a little dramatic I know).  I called my husband in and said, "do you recognize this, honey?"  He said "No, why," I said, "Because it's mine!"  He gave me an OMG panicked look.  We both laughed really hard and then he had the nerve to say "Well, at least now Charlotte can wear it."  I swear to you if I didn't love him so much, right then and there I almost lost it.

Needless to say, we have had several good laughs out of the story and the best is when we show people the photos of me in the sweater and then show them Charlotte in the very same one.


On a positive note, Charlotte was so happy to be able to wear my sweater and that made it all worth it.

In the process of writing this story, I did find out you can actually unshrink clothing but I don't think this sweater is coming back from this disaster.

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