These three young ladies work at Baptist Health Madisonville. They were nominated as a team, so we will celebrate them as a team during National Nurses Week. #HEROES

Gwendal Plain, Ashley Allen, Angela Rainwater
Gwendal Plain, Ashley Allen, Angela Rainwater

This week we are honoring the best and brightest nurses in the tri-state, based on your nominations. Shouldn't we all thank a nurse that impacts our community every single day and in the most important way? Here at WBKR, we say yes. Yes we should! We've teamed up with Madisonville Garage Doors to do just that.

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Day in and day out Gwendal Plain, Ashley Allen, Angela Rainwater go the extra mile to make sure their patients are cared for. This is why they are being recognized for National Nurses Week.

This is what a fellow nurse had to say about the fun-loving trio:

"Gwendal, Ashley and Angela are the nurses at the Coumadin Clinic, that I as a Home Health Nurse work closely with multiple times a week. When I get a patient through Home Care that is an established Coumadin Clinic patient they are always talking about how special the “Coumadin girls” are the them. They build such a rapport with them and even though we’re in different departments, they’re absolutely the best team players with Home Care. They’re kind, thoughtful, generous and give grace we don’t deserve. And we have some tough cases sometimes."

Honoring Hardworking Nurses in the Tri-state - Nominations

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