Golden Girls fans I feel like we should all be thanking Starbucks for being a friend right about now.  I recently learned they have a Golden Girls Themed Frappuccino.


The passing of Betty White, otherwise known for her character Rose Nylund on the hit tv sitcom Golden Girls in the late 80s and early 90s has had everyone in a slump.  I found myself honestly wanting to sit down just like the girls did in the show with a big giant piece of cheesecake to solve the problems of the world or just to drown my sorrows.  Starbucks has literally made that possible to do in a convenient to-go style cup.  It may not be the slice you're looking for but now you can order a Golden Girls Cheesecake Frappuccino.

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Now here's the deal this drink isn't something that is ever going to be displayed on their actual menu out in the open.  You see Starbucks has what they call the secret menu and you have to know exactly how to order what you want and most of the time as long as they have the ingredients they can whip it right up for you.  After looking at the ingredients they will most likely always have what they need to make it because the recipe calls for most items they use on a daily basis for items that are on the regular menu.

Here's how you order:

According to TikTok, you’ll have to:

Order a grande White Mocha Frappuccino
Add one pump of hazelnut syrup
Add one pump of vanilla syrup
Add whipped cream
Top it off with a caramel crunch topping

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