I haven't met anyone in my lifetime who doesn't like French fries. And I've never met a French fry lover who likes them soggy.

I mean, there's a reason Ore Ida makes "Crispers." People just want crispy fries. But sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes you lose that quality between the drive-through window and home. Fortunately, there is a very simple life hack that is foolproof, says its discoverer.

So, at this time, we head to the land down under and check in with Bruno Bouchet, a guy I'm going call an "expert" in such matters.

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In the Daily Mail, a British online publication, Bouchet details his work history at McDonald's and says he learned, while working there, the trick to crispy fries every time. He calls them "chips," of course, since he's Australian. The Brits do that too, but I bet you knew that.

Anyway, let's break down the easy path to crispy French fries...or chips.

The Crispy Fries Life Hack

Here are quick and easy steps to keep your fries crispy...and warm.

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