How would you like to take a Haunted Road Trip through Kentucky? I didn't realize how many actual places are rumored to be haunted and available to visit. Let's check out the list-->

Making the list of course is Waverly Hills, located in Louisville.

Next on the list Maple Hill Manor

As with most historic sites, it is rumored that Maple Hill is haunted by the ghosts of its past, mainly the original owners and the Civil War soldiers who perhaps lived their last hours in the home.

The next stop is said to be home to a gate to hell Bobby Mackey's.

Cave Hill Cemetery most notably know for housing the grave sites of Muhammad Ali and Colonel Sanders.

Cave Hill Cemetery is a 296-acre arboretum and National Cemetery and it opened in 1848, and as with many cemeteries, is the source of several haunted tales. Voices, weird sounds, and unusual sights have all been witnessed here. It's a beautiful park-like setting with several notable works of art.

Liberty Hall in Frankfort.

and a few more...


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