I was on Scherm Road the other day, at the light, waiting to turn right onto Frederica. Since there was a funeral procession coming out of Davis Funeral Home, I needed to wait, which, of course, is totally fine.

Apparently, though, it's not fine for everyone, as more than just a few cars got in and around the vehicles in the procession, despite them designating themselves as part of it with their flashing hazard lights.

I've always noticed this sort of thing because my dad was licensed funeral director and undertaker, so I'm close to it.

I've always stopped, out of the way of the procession, out of respect. Most drivers do. It's on the rare occasion that I see the crowding.

But there IS a Kentucky law regarding funeral processions. It's Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 189.378 and it says that motorists not driving vehicles in the procession

“shall not drive the vehicle between the vehicles of the funeral procession or otherwise interfere with the progress of the procession, except when:

(a) The person is authorized to do so by a police or safety officer; or
(b) The vehicle is an emergency vehicle as defined by KRS 189.910."
Honestly, for the longest time, I had no idea there was a law on the books about it until a few years ago. And I never did ask my dad because we always just did it. Still do.
But if you ever had any questions about the existence of such a law, now you have your answer.
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