Casual or fast/casual is likely the go-to choice for most Americans when dining out and it's NOT a particularly special occasion...and maybe when it is. But how folks want to treat "special occasions" with regard to restaurant selection is subjective.

Maybe your favorite casual dining establishment IS where you want to celebrate a birthday, promotion, or anniversary. Or maybe you just want to splurge on that special night. I can't say I blame you.

The Most Expensive Restaurant in Every State is actually a pretty handy website for anyone who, well, LOVES FOOD. From awesome air fryer and slower cooker recipes to helping you learn what you  can prepare just from what you have in your pantry right now, it really is all things food.

And if you are deliberately looking for a MEAL that breaks the bank, also lists the most expensive restaurant in every state. Of course, SOME traveling will be necessary.

The Most Expensive Restaurant in Kentucky

In Kentucky, it's not unusual for folks (like me, for example) to plan an outing to Louisville BASED on a restaurant where they'd like to dine. Those are always fun trips. So once you've decided you're going to go for it and have dinner at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, tabbed as the Commonwealth's most expensive restaurant, you can figure out what else to do to accompany what must surely be an exquisite meal.

There's Also a Jeff Ruby's Location in Lexington

Yes, Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse in Louisville HAS been named Kentucky's most expensive restaurant. But it's not the only Jeff Ruby's location IN the Commonwealth. There's a relatively new one in Lexington. It opened in 2019. LEX18-Lexington sort of previewed the opening four years ago by touring the ORIGINAL location in Cincinnati.

And hold the phone. If you want to visit the most expensive restaurant in Tennessee...guess what? You'll be visiting Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse in Nashville. This profile offers a great overview of the amazing artwork and decor:

But what about those prices?

Big-Ticket Menu Items at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse

As you might have guessed, it's the steak menu that will make your wallet scream, with a 6-oz Wagyu filet mignon being THE big-ticket menu item here.

And the non-steak menu is no slouch.

Having studied these menu items, I am now fascinated by all those little "extras," like root vegetable succotash, seasonal mushrooms and cauliflower cream, and all that stuff they put on their burgers.

I wonder if they'd just let me have THAT. I wonder where I'd park the dump truck I'm going to have to use to carry all the cash I'll need.

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