Angel here and the COVID-19 quarantine period has allowed me time to reflect on life.  I am not sure I bargained for the lessons learned, discoveries made, or new appreciations I have acquired.

Unless you truly know me you would have no clue I am a neat freak.  I mean someone needs to call in a therapist because I have a major problem.  More time at home and exhaustion from what we will call "new duties" at hand have turned my focus elsewhere.

Other than letting Charlotte have a Lysol Wipe in past (which I won't let her within six feet of now) she has never really been allowed to help me clean the house.  I like things done a certain way and why have to do it twice if it isn't done to my liking.  Queen Quarantine is now allowing the kids free-range.

Angel's Quarantine Reflections

We all joke about homeschooling but this has given us a chance to teach the kids about things we might not have taken the time to do.  We go a million miles an hour.  I have always said the kids grow up fast.  Maybe it is because we rush them from here to there.  With no place to go but home or for a walk we have used these times as teaching moments.  Now math is another story and we are not common core professionals in the Welsh house.

Our lives move so fast and are super demanding.  Our jobs require a lot from us leaving little time to enjoy our family.  Joe and I have realized how much we miss out on daily because we have this event and that meeting.  Many of which we say "YES" to that we don't necessarily need to attend or be a part of.  We are natural busybodies.  It puts a strain on our home-life.  I have found myself grateful for an empty schedule and messy kids.

I miss my friends and family outside of my home but goodness I love the uninterrupted no rush leisure each day brings.  I have truly discovered I am an introvert at heart.  I love alone time.  Crowds of people I have to entertain not so much.  I mean I love what I do and being a part of awesome community activities but on the flip side, I could eat, exercise, and hang alone and not really be bothered by it.

We learned how much senseless money we spent before we were quarantined.  I am an impulse boredom shopper.  I love a bargain and I will sniff one out like a bloodhound.  I have been forced to settle in place and refrain from unnecessary purchases.  Now that is not to say when I am freed and the consignment shops open I won't be in line waiting like it's Black Friday.  I can smell the burning rubber of my Pathfinder tires now.

Television is mundane.  I don't watch a lot of it. Never have so I have learned this is just me.  Even less now with nowhere to go.  I find myself searching for projects outside, wanting to be active or just play with the kids.

I will throw out this question "why have I suddenly developed a bottomless appetite?"  I have awesome willpower but seriously every single time I walk past the kitchen I find myself magically right in front of the cabinet searching for something to jump into my arms and fill the void I didn't even realize was there.  From what I can tell on social media many of my friends are having the same issues.

I have also learned there is no right way of doing things.  There is no manual for this time of chaos to be perfect.  My way of cooking dinner and teaching my kids will not look like the next mom's.  Guess what?  It is ok.  If the kids have goldfish and skittles for dinner great.  If they wear the same outfit three days in a row that means less laundry it's a win-win.  If your house is a disaster who cares no one is allowed to come over anyway.  RELAX and roll with it.

The biggest eye-opener in all this is my faith.  I have always talked about my faith in the Lord.  Easier said than done for most.  We all talk a big game until the storm comes crashing down and our lives are turned upside down.  I can say that because I have been there too.  Since the pandemic I have found myself talking with God more and at peace with it all.  A peace that doesn't much make sense but it is there and the only explanation is God.  I pray over my family each morning before my feet even hit the floor and throughout the day as it is laid on my heart.  My friend sent me a quote that said "They're predicting this to be a rough week in America.  It was a rough week for Jesus too.  But look at the outcome."  Sunday is Easter Sunday and I think of the events in past building up to Sunday.  I am overwhelmed with grief and gratefulness.  God is watching over us all.  I believe this with my whole heart.

In full transparency, this time has not been a walk in the park.  Nope, not easy.  It has been an experience.  Allowed for new appreciations and memories.  When it comes down to it without a doubt in my mind my family is the most important and valued thing in my life after my salvation.  I already knew these two things but quarantine has solidified it.

If you are reading this and struggling I am praying for you.  It is ok to struggle to scream to cry to question why to be angry to just be.  We all handle crisis and crazy different.  God made us all in a unique way and it is the perfect time to open our arms and embrace change.

Sending love to each of you and distant hugs.

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