I have been in Mexico many times but have never stayed for a prelonged period.  When I used to live in San Diego all my visiting friends would want to head south of the border to Tijuana.  Now, if you've never been there, picture this.  Dirt, sweat, the smell of roasting pig, taxi cab drivers who drive like maniacs, people trying to sell you everything from blankets to sombreros to Chicklets, and bar owners screaming "Free margaritas for the ladies!!"  It's awful!  Thankfully, other parts of Mexico, like Cancun (where I was last week) are BEAUTIFUL!  And I spent 8 days and 7 nights in a coastal paradise called LIVE AQUA

So, that's LIVE AQUA!  And, here's another cool thing I learned about the hotel from one of its staffers.  It was actually destroyed by Hurricane Wilma in 2005.  The property was closed for a couple of years, rebuilt, redesigned and renamed!  It has since reopened and is now home to 3 restaurants (Siete, Azur and MB), 8 swimming pools, and 371 guest rooms!  And, last week, it was home to me!  And I can't wait to go back!  LONG LIVE AQUA!!

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