Parents all across the nation are taking to social media to warn others about the horrifying Momo Challenge that is targeting young children on YouTube and other games and apps.

This creature popped up late last year and begins by contacting children in apps with  messaging, games and even innocent children's videos.  It messages them and challenges them to do harmful things that could hurt them or others for the chance to meet the Momo.  If they do not do these things it tells them it will hurt them or their family.

It is reaching all parts of the world including Argentina where a 12 year-old girl committed suicide after playing the Momo Challenge.  Police are not sure if this is the reason but she was in contact with the momo.

Angel here.  I went to Facebook this week and asked if any local parents or kids have had any experience with this.  Here are some of the responses I received;


As a parent it terrifies me to think that something like this could get to my children.  Especially in videos such as Peppa Pig or in games such as Fortnite.  Both Tucker and Charlotte play games and watch videos.  Our family will be taking a break from the IPad!

To be completely honest we cannot always be every place with our children.  However, we can take precautions and educate ourselves and our kids.  Monitor screen time closely and keep an open line of communiation with your sweet babies!

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