Angel Here!  Today I got to experience Ohio County Ag Days with the 4th Graders in Ohio County.  The whole day was full of education, fun, and animals!This is the 22nd year for Ag Days hosted by Luttrell Farms and the 4-H Extension Office of Ohio County.

4th Graders have the opportunity to learn about Soil Conservation, maple syrup made in Ohio County, corn production and more.  They also get to pay a visit to the folks from Perdue Farms where they get to learn about how chickens are fed and taken care of and the process it takes for making food.

Last year I got to pick up a pig.  I think they found out I was coming and decided not to show up until tomorrow!  So here is last years video of me trying to pick up the little piggy!

I had a great time visiting Ag Days and hanging out with Farmer Luttrell.  I plan on returning next year!

Huge shout out to all those who made this happen!