Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to a $5 million dollar expressway that gives the Thunderbird at Holiday World a run for its money!  Reminds me of some of the crazy roads I've traveled with my boys for fun.I noticed on facebook the other night that a lot of my friends were sharing a picture of County Road NS 366 otherwise known as the "Roller Coaster Highway."  So I did a little research and found Chad has a friend, Shannon, who works for a radio station in Tulsa and she confirmed this road really does exist.  She said driving on it feels like being on the Screamin' Demon at Kings Island!  Sounds like so much fun!

One of my favorite roller coaster roads is North State Road on the way to Holiday World.  My boys and I love driving this road because it totally turns us upside down and all around!

Chad said he loves to Fairview Drive in Owensboro.  A few years ago, Dave Spencer, did a blog on the "Whoopdee" out near the old Windy Hollow Restaurant.  He actually went out and did a video of the experience.  Check it out!

What are tummy tickler roads that you love to drive on?  Do you have pictures of them?  Share with us!

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