If you were an 80's kid you remember the show ALF.  Where this "Alien Life Form" shows up at this family's house and they basically adopt him because his planet blew up.  Well, we found a pup that looks just like him.

Angel here and last week Joe and I were having a conversation about our new puppy Lilly P. and he said "You realize she looks just like ALF?"  I busted out laughing and came to the conclusion she does a bit.

Lilly is a Goldendoodle.  She is a teddy bear colored and to be totally honest she even acts like Alf.  If I remember correctly Alf loved cats (by love I mean he liked to eat them.  Lilly over loves our two cats Cheddar and Jingles.  They hiss and run from her and she really just wants to lick their faces all over LOL.  I am not sure if she is trying to taste them or love them.

If you never watched it here are some of the best scenes.  ALF was hilarious!

Owensboro Dog Looks Like Alf

So what do you think?  Does she look like Alf or fried chicken?  Do any of your animals look like anyone or thing?

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