Indiana is home to a very unique haunted town.

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The Friendliest Haunted Town

Indiana is home to a town that claims to be the "friendliest haunted town around" and one look at their haunted historical tours, and I can definitely see why they got that name! Every year Metamora plays host to many people who come to hear all about the town's history as well as try to catch a glimpse of past residents who just may still be lingering around.


This is definitely an event that history buffs and paranormal lovers can get together and enjoy.   According to the ticketing site for Haunted and Historic Tours of Metamora, there are plenty of paranormal stories from around the area, and plenty of local folklore as well.  Metamora also has a wild history too.  Tragedies of all kinds have taken place in Metamora, from tragic canal drownings, deaths by poisoning, terrible railway accidents, "rageful" crimes of passion, and much more.

Haunted and Historic Tours of Metamora

According to The Haunted and Historic Tours of Metamora Facebook page, you can enjoy tours every Saturday evening.  However, on September 16th, they begin Friday tours as well.  You can also join them for their special Halloween event that takes place in October where the whole town gets ready for Halloween by celebrating the town's haunted lore!


The Haunted & Historic Tours of Metamora are the #1 choice for paranormal and history lovers alike in SE Indiana. Our guided walking tours feature true stories with a bit of folklore .  Come join us for our 90 minute tours that feature brief indoor explorations when possible, and investigate the history as well as the stories and first hand accounts of many other haunted locations throughout the town.

If you'd like to get more information on touring Metamora, you can find all the ticket info, here.  You can also follow The Haunted and Historic Tours of Metamora's Facebook page to stay up to date about all their exciting, and creepy events!

Check out a video of their October events below:

Haunted Places in Indiana That You Can Visit

This map highlights haunted places in Indiana that you can visit! Here's a few of the places you can check out.

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