Please understand that I was NOT making fun of Jacob Pina when, after seeing his video, I remarked, "Can't unsee. Somebody help."

Because I'm human and because when you see something like that without any build-up, it's startling. Of course, now that I've watched it a few times, I'm fascinated. The little tricks I can do with my fingers and thumb PALE in comparison to what Jacob can do:


Reply to @heroicsquirrel Good healthy living 😌👍🏼 ##foryou ##fyp ##longthumb ##TodayILearned

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My mom always thought me being able to snap my fingers without my thumb or using my ring finger instead of my middle finger was a "bizarre" trick.

I yield to the champ.

He has over a million followers and counting.

Hmmm...surely I can get a couple of hundred with my "snappy" talents.

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