You must watch this.  I was tipped off to this video by Jeremy Hinton, one of the founders of the South West Paranormal Society here in Western Kentucky.  In addition to conducting routine investigations on haunted properties here in the tristate, Jeremy is always on the prowl for exciting footage from other investigators.  And he may be onto something with this footage.  It's allegedly surveillance video from Castlefield House in Manchester, England.  The building is now primarily comprised of office space, but reportedly has a long, storied history as a Roman fort and the site of a terrible and deadly cholera outbreak in the 1800's.  Real or not, this video will send chills straight up your spine.

So, what is the verdict?  Is this footage real?  Or a hoax?

By the way, for more information about the South West Paranormal Society and the team's investigations here in the tristate area, CLICK HERE!

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