When I was a kid, I played baseball. Religiously. I distinctly remember one of my teams (maybe a t-ball team) having a party at Pasquale's Pizza in Owensboro. I don't remember much else about Pasquale's except for having some sort of business card-sized coupon that I earned for doing something good on the baseball field. If my memory serves me correctly (and it's been a hot minute), I feel like I was able to go to Pasquale's and get something free for my efforts.

Pasquale's Pizza was located on Veach Road here in town. I must confess that I didn't remember that. But, heck. Back then I was a kid and had zero sense of direction. Actually, as an adult it hasn't improved much. But I do remember Pasquale's and their pizza. As it turns out, a lot of other folks do too.


There was a recent post on the History of Owensboro, KY Facebook page. Karolyn Patterson asked, "Does anyone else remember Pasquale's Pizza on Veach Road? Loved it."  As you can imagine, replied poured in.

Sheila Hudson commented: "I’ve never found a meatball sub to this day that was better than Pasquale's."

While I remember Pasquale's having a local baseball tradition, Ella Kidder's family had a Pasquale's tradition. She remembers, "Sure do! It was our family tradition to go there for pizza on Saturday night."

Lee Underwood, like me, has fond childhood memories of the place. He says, "One of my favorite restaurants as a kid!"

Candyce Swank has very specific and tasty memory of Pasquale's. "Greatest garlic bread EVER!!"

The Nix Company/Unsplash
The Nix Company/Unsplash

And this is interesting . . .

Don Nall, my former high school history teacher, chimed in and said, "Visited those places in several cities and all were great!"

It was Mr. Nall's (still call him that) that got me wondering if there are any Pasquale's Pizza locations left.  As it turns out, the answer is yes and no.

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There is indeed a chain of Pasquale's locations based in Pennsylvania. However, it's not the same chain that set up shop in Owensboro back in the day. The new Pasquale's chain was established about two decades ago- not four. The first Pasquale's pizzeria opened the doors to its first location on March 31st, 2001 (LONG after the Owensboro Pasquale's closed its doors). The first "new" Pasquale's was built in Austintown, Ohio.

Today, the pizzeria has expanded. There are now six locations and all are located in Pennsylvania.

For fun, I also searched YouTube to see if I could some more information about the Owensboro location. That searched didn't turn up much locally, but it did turn up some video of other pizza places in the U.S. called Pasquale's. Here are couple of others I found- including a Pasquale's in Indianapolis.

If you'd like to read more memories about Owensboro's Pasquale's location, check out the History of Owensboro, KY page!

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