If you tune into The WBKR Waking Crew, you are likely quite familiar with our friend, Melissa.  Or rather, should I say . . . Meliiiiiiiiiissssssssaaaaaaa.  Just before Valentine's Day, I was contacted by Melissa's sister, who was itching to play a Valentine's Day prank on her sister.  See, Melissa's family always accuses her of being a WBKR stalker and they just happened to find a holiday card with the word "stalker" in it.  Naturally, they asked if we would make a surprise delivery and we said, "Heck to the yes!"  Watch!

Later that day, after Melissa got over the shock and horror of us busting up into her workplace, she decided her Valentine's Day was pretty special.  I mean, look what she got!

To thank everyone, Melissa posted this on her Facebook page . . .

I woke up this morning not looking forward to all the Valentines Day nonsense. But, because I have the best sister and friends ever, it turned out to be a very memorable day! Thanks guys!

Happy Valentine's Day, Melissa.  Check that!  Happy Valentine's Day, Meliiiiiiisssssaaaaa!