Angel here.  Today is National Disc Jockey Day and I am celebrating.  I have been with WBKR for 3 and a half years now and the crap Chad, Barb, Brently and the rest of the crew have gotten me into made this job even more fun!  So, I'm sharing some of my favorite moments.

My first day.  I showed up in a prom dress ready for someone to roll out the red carpet.

Chad and I always seem to have some kind of wardrobe malfunction whenever we go out and about.

Sometimes we aren't as professional and perfect as people think.

The time Chad made me try dog treats.  Yes, dog treats :(

The time Barb showed up at Dr. Rowland's office while I was getting laughing gas and dental work done.

The time Chad took me out to Riney farms to sling cow crap.

When I went to Ag Days with Farmer Luttrell and picked up a little piggy.  It didn't go well.

And who could forget when they duct-taped me to the outside pole of the station and threw Cheetos at my face.

I cannot imagine being anywhere else with any better people.  I love working for WBKR and meeting listeners and working alongside people I consider my family.

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