Angel here and our family is super excited to announce we have added a new addition to our home.  Meet Lilly P.

We have continued our Golden Girls theme of naming our animals.  The "P" in Lilly P. is for Petrillo.  The short spunky Sophia Petrillo from the show.  It is only appropriate she receive this name.

The rest of the crew also have names from the show.  Layla "Rose" after Rose Nylund and Cheddar "Miles" after Rose's long time boyfriend on the show.

I already know what you're thinking...Is she serious?  Did she really add another thing to that circus of hers?!  All appropriate questions to be asking.

Yes, we did and we couldn't be happier about it.  Lilly P. is a Goldendoodle.  We got her from Brook & Bay Goldendoodles the very same place our Number #1 Doodle Layla Rose came from.

Braden has been begging for a puppy for a really long time now and the opportunity presented itself for us to have another one so we took it.

She is spunky, mouthy, and full of personality.  So, basically she fits in perfectly with the Welsh household.

Charlotte is head over heels in love with her.  She packs that poor pup around like she is a baby doll and Lilly obliges.  Layla is not so sure about her yet.  She does like that there is something much smaller than her to boss around.  Lilly attempted to take Layla's chewy stick and Layla put her in her place.

I wondered how Cheddar and Ms. Jingles would handle her.  They could really care less.  I mean but do cats really care about anyone else other than themselves (let's be truthful) they don't.  I just look at her and walk the other way.

We tried to put her in her crate the first night when we all went to bed so she didn't chew or use the restroom in the house.  Let's just say that didn't work out for anyone.  She barked and barked and whined until we brought her up and put her in bed with us.  She happily snuggled right in between Joe and my pillows and slept all night.

I always wanted Charlotte to grow up with a puppy and now we have one.  When we got Layla she was already older so the playful pup stage was gone.  We love our Layla more than the world and we wanted her to have a friend to keep her company and grow up with too.

Everyone agrees it will be work and we all have to chip in.  I will say she poops and pees more than a newborn baby and goodness they never stop so that's where we are with that.

I am sure there will be stories to tell and adventures I will share with you all.

As always thank you for being a part and letting me share my crazy family with you.


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