With summer in our midst Fireworks season is right around the corner literally.  After a weekend arson in Owensboro due to fireworks, former WBKR Intern sends out a message to the community.

El'agance the Intern came to us in the summer of 2018.  She was a blast and we loved having her with us.  She has since gone on to report for WEVV-TV and is stationed here in Owensboro.

This past weekend she had the unthinkable happen in her own driveway she tells the story in her own words:

A friend of ours came over around 4:15 and brought Garret and I Big Dipper! And our house has a huge window in the living room, so as we were eating, I got up to close the curtains because the sun was beaming on me. Not even 5 minutes later someone came pounding on the door screaming to get out and that the car was on fire! We were all so confused and we grabbed the dogs and ran. The neighbors to our left kept saying some kids just ran through their yard throwing firecrackers. And as soon as the fire department put out the fire, 3 kids rode by on bikes with HUGE fire crackers in their hand. And one of them said "those kids set the car on fire!!!". We had several other neighborhood kids come confess to the police! And thank goodness our neighbors across the street caught it on their ring camera. apparently they were opening other cars on the street too.

Two Juveniles were charged late Saturday night.  I asked El'agance what she wants the community to learn from this experience:

Parents need to teach their children to not only respect others property, but to teach them safety as well. Especially with fireworks! They could've hurt or killed themselves and that's what scares me the most. It is also important to encourage parents to always be aware of their child's surroundings, and who they're hanging out with. It might not apply to this situation, but they're at the age where peer pressure comes into play.

We are so thankful that El'agance and her boyfriend Garrett or anyone else were not injured in the fire.  Thank you to the Owensboro Fire Department and first responders on the scene.

As Fourth of July approaches parents please watch your kids with fireworks and keep them supervised.

Owensboro Arson Brings Awareness To Fireworks Safety

 After a weekend arson in Owensboro due to fireworks, a former WBKR Intern sends out a message to the community.


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