You just never know what's gonna crawl out from underneath your semi-perfectly-kept-if-you-look-at-it-from-the-road landscaping. Today, I found something pretty interesting! On my way out the door to pick up Carsyn from the sitter, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I first thought it was a mole. After catching my breath, I thought to myself that my cat, Pippa would take care of it later on. (She's gotten 12 so far this year...good kitty!) Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to look. It was most certainly not a mole!To my pleasant surprise, behind a set of beautiful blue eyes was a little-bitty kitten!! Oh my goodness, when did I turn into the cat lady?!? I already have Pippa and two random cats that show up from time to time and eat her food! (I'll admit it, I did throw a rock at one a few months ago... don't judge me, it was being mean and hateful!) After my heart rate came back down, I tried to look at it again, but it ran under another flowerbush. Off to pick up Carsyn, I knew she'd be SO excited!

We had to go and pick up a few things from the grocery and were gone for at least a good 30 minutes. I just knew that when we got back, the momma (whichever one was the momma) would have moved it. Nope, she didn't. And, guess what else Carsyn and I discovered?!? Not one, but two kitties!! I'll admit, I was pretty dang excited! I'm not a big cat person, but there is nothing cuter than a little kitten!

I wish I could have gotten a picture of Carsyn's face when she saw those kittens in her yard. It really was priceless. I was so happy for her until I turned around for one second and when I turned back around she had one of the kittens by the fur, just like a momma kitty! Oh my goodness.... where does she get these things?? Ha!

Of course, I wanted to pet one, so I got on my hands and knees in my flower bed and wrangled one out. Granted it was hissing at me, but I think we bonded! Carsyn was so excited to pet it and we even named them.... Nala and Nala. Yep, the same name, ha! Hakuna Matata!

But, I have a problem. Actually a few...

1. After we ate dinner we went back outside to check on them and they weren't there. Maybe the momma got upset and moved them? Not sure, but I am worried about Nala and Nala. Speaking of the momma....

2. Is Pippa the mom?!? Am I that bad of a pet owner that I didn't even notice my own cat had kittens?!? More importantly, does that make me a grandmother?? I can NOT handle turning 30 and becoming a grandmother in the same year! Quick, someone bring me a cupcake and an adult beverage!

I'll check again in the morning and see if the Nala's are in the bushes. I really hope so, I kinda like em! Well, until they turn into cats, then someone else can take them, ha!