I promised you that Owensboro's 2022 Burger Week is going to be bigger, better and beefier than the inaugural event held last year.  Now we have photographic proof that 2022 is going to be loaded up with burgers that will inspire you to get your buns to a bunch of local restaurants.  We've snagged photos of each burger that's going to be served up during the event, which runs March 1st through the 5th.

Visit Owensboro, the City of Owensboro, Independence Bank and the Kentucky Beef Council are again joining forces for Burger Week.   Last year, according to Visit Owensboro's Dave Kirk, the goal was to sell 5,000 burgers.  Well, cross that goal off the list with a friggin' Sharpie. There were 11,000 burgers sold and consumed from the participating restaurants.


Naturally, in 2022, there are going to be even more burgers and more restaurants and I am pumped I get the chance to judge for the second consecutive year.  Hey, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, right?  Last year, in a two-day stretch, I ate 13 hamburgers.  LOL!  I am perfectly able, willing and ready to slam even more back this year and it's a good darn thing.  There are 34 local restaurants that have signed up to showcase burgers for 2022!


During Owensboro Burger Week, each of the 34 restaurants will be selling their specialty burger for $7 including tax.  Those restaurants also decide how large the burger will be, what kind of burger it will be, what comes on it and and what comes with it.

Here's Visit Owensboro's Dave Kirk chatting about this year's incredible lineup of burgers and the creativity showcased by the participating restaurants.

And if you want to go ahead and plan your attack, here's a look at the participating restaurants and the burgers they've created for Owensboro's Burger Week!

The Delicious $7 Burgers Featured in Owensboro's Burger Week 2022

Visit Owensboro just unveiled the 34 burgers set to compete in Owensboro's Burger Week, which is March 1st through 5th.

As you can see, our reigning champions- O'Bryan's Bar & Grill- are back this year to defend their title.  But can they?

Also, shout out to Mellow Mushroom, who is competing with the Pizza My Heart Burger and The Miller House, who's serving up the Get in My Pork Belly Burger. Pics of both are coming soon.

One thing we know for certain is this. It's about to do down in the 'Boro!


And, remember, Visit Owensboro is counting on you to share your experiences on social media.  While prizes are up for grabs for our Top 3 restaurants, there are also prizes up for grabs for Burger Week customers who share photos of their burgers and the hashtag #owensboroburgerweek on Facebook or Instagram. Anyone who takes and shares photos of you eating a burger at three or more participating locations will be entered into a prize drawing for two great sponsor prizes: 1st Place) a Mini Green Egg Max from Green River Appliance; 2nd Place) a BBQ Grilling Meats Package from Hillview Farms Meats.

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