Owensboro Burger Week 2023 is just around the corner and carnivores (like me) in Owensboro-Daviess County and surrounding areas are getting excited. It kicks off March 3rd and, because Visit Owensboro decided to extend the festivities this year, carries on through March 11th. Yep! Burger Week has expanded from five days to NINE this year!

And the menu has expanded too. This year, there are nearly 40 restaurants participating and competing for the title of Best Burger in Owensboro.

Here's a look at the $7 burgers up for grabs, what's on 'em and where you can buy them! Brace yourself. This year's lineup looks INCREDIBLE!  I am pretty sure I slobbered on my keyboard as I loaded up these photos.

The $7 Burgers in Owensboro Burger Week 2023

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**We'll update the photos above if additional entries are added to the official site.**

And, remember, part of the fun of Owensboro Burger Week is sharing your experiences and "burger" photos on social media.

Jarrod Malone
Jarrod Malone

While prizes are up for grabs for our Top 3 restaurants, there are also prizes up for grabs for Burger Week lovers who share photos of their burgers and the hashtag #owensboroburgerweek on Facebook or Instagram. Anyone who takes and shares photos of you eating a burger at three or more participating locations will be entered into a prize drawing for two great sponsor prizes: 1st Place) a Mini Green Egg Max from Green River Appliance; 2nd Place) a BBQ Grilling Meats Package from Hillview Farms Meats.

Owensboro Burger is presented by Green River Appliance, Hillview Farms Meats, the Kentucky Beef Council and Visit Owensboro.

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