Every weeknight as a kid I couldn't wait for "Nashville Now" to come on with Ralph Emery it was a talk show type but with country music stars on every night on "The Nashville Network"  it was a channel basically like CMT is today. TNN "The Nashville Network" was launched in 1983, became "The National Network" in the year 2000 - 2003, then Spike TV from 2003 to the present. I always like to look back and remember alot of great things about my childhood and hopefully some of these video's with also help you relive some of your childhood as well. Enjoy!

1991 commercial with Ralp Emery & Shotgun Red

Johnny Cash on 1984's Nashville Now

Music City Tonight

Do you remember Florence Henderson's "Country Kitchen?"

How about Crook & Chase?

No cowboy hat Hank Williams Jr. on Nashville Now

Country Clips with "Shotgun Red"